Our Story

by David Spiteri

For our first blog post, it seems only right that we start at the beginning. An introduction to who we are and where SIBUI came from. So, let’s get started.

My name is David Spiteri, I’m now 30 and a father of 3 remarkable children. My background is not fashion, or sales for that matter. I have been a Mechanical Engineer for 14 years since leaving school. Brought up in an area called Teesside in North East England. Engineering is a trade that is in our genes. Teessider’s are known for “Building the World” as a hub for industry during the Industrial Age. Exporting ships and structures across the globe. So when I was a teen, that’s what I wanted to be. My career has taken me all over the country and beyond. Which is where, 2 years ago, I had my thought.

Working away from my kids a month at a time, I was located in Southern Iraq. Sat in my accommodation, in the middle of a known danger zone, miles and miles away from anywhere familiar. The time away from my loved ones really hit home. It was always hard living like this. That difficult feeling of regularly saying goodbye. The even more regular feeling of wanting to come home. This life of mine was financially rewarding, which was the main motivation behind my life choices to date. As a single dad, I wanted to give my kids a comfortable life. So, sat there after shift I needed to be as productive as possible. The majority of you reading this, I assume will be parents too. Leaving me with one To-Do that is forever incomplete. Refreshing outgrowing wardrobes! It is amazing how fast children grow. Even more amazing how quickly their clothes don’t last. I opened my laptop and set about shopping for their Autumn styles. 

Dad Shopping

I crossed Penelope’s shopping list off quickly. At the time 3 Years Old, she was easy to shop for. Options for her are endless with many high street and boutique brands offering exactly what I wanted to suit her personality and look. Next, Axel’s shopping cart was tackled. At 4 Years Old, I found that he could be styled suited to his age, personality and look. I found that the fashion industry offered less for boys than girls below 5 Years. However, still plenty to choose from. When it came to Travis, then 6 Years Old. I found very little. A corner of the market where between 5 and 10 Years, kids fashion seems to loose identity in lack of variety. It became apparent that the market suddenly becomes difficult to shop for boys of this age.

. Offering very generic clothing, often lacking in detail and quality. Either dull or more childish, aimed towards younger ages.

High-End. The look I wanted for Travis came at a price. Minimalist, stylish, mature, that is what I wanted. Only High-End Brands could provide it. And, as my most destructive and rapidly growing offspring. Not really a price I was willing to pay.

Sports Wear. Between the two, you are pretty much directed towards street style. Sports brands making really good quality products at mostly affordable prices. Just not offering the look I wanted. Instead, often a look that is quickly characterised.

Axel, 6

Penelope, 5

Travis, 8

This is the moment my idea came to light. I asked myself, “Why isn’t there a brand out there that makes effortless style for kids?” In my not so fashion educated mind, I could not think of the answer. My mind doesn’t sit well with unexplained thoughts. I enjoy exploring new ideas of my own and others. Finding knowledge and learning, has always been something intriguing to me. Somewhat satisfying that by absorbing what I can, that feeling of growth remains. So, I wrote down a list of what the ideal brand would look like for me. The image, the products and its pricing. I then looked for it starting with what I knew. The brands that I go to. After all, my own style tastes are something that is being projected through my fashion choices for my kids. Most don’t offer kids ranges. Others are out of budget as a realist comparing lifespan for growing and active children. Researching further, mainly via Instagram, I found some really good looking small brands that had potential. But I still felt that there is still something missing. Something that I could add. My list became my blueprint to pursue the idea of building my own brand. “Could it be done? And could I be the one to do it?”

I quickly realised that I had found a real gap in the fashion market. Pursuing the idea further, I also uncovered my motivation behind the path I was about to walk down. Financial reward was no longer my priority. If it was, I had already achieved a more than comfortable livelihood, doing what I was doing. Now, my motivation was that this idea of mine could bring me home. Doing something I love, alongside the people I love. Never having to say goodbye. Never having to wish I was home again. This is why SIBUI is filled with passion and pride. Something that cannot be created. Attributes that we want to project across our entire footprint. The complexity in our subtlety.

SIBUI; Simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. Balanced with complexity through details and textures.

It really is in everything we are and what we do.


David Spiteri

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