In our first post I told you guys about how the idea behind SIBUI was born. If you haven’t already, go back and give Our Story a quick read, to gather the bigger picture on what I’m about to say. So, I wanted to carry on the theme of transparency in our brand and our business. Carrying on our story, I next wanted to talk a little more about our journey to this point and its challenges. Perhaps you, yourself have a vision for a fashion brand, or any other business for that matter. Knowledge is key and I can only share what I know to help others. With that, lets pick up where I left off. 

Let me get the bad news out the way first. Turning an idea into a reality is a very difficult process. However, are you really expecting it to be an easy ride? If it was, everyone would be doing it right. But this shouldn’t dishearten you. It should drive you. If you haven’t got this driven feeling over any idea, it is probably not a good idea. After all, if you are not 100% sold on it how can you expect to sell it to others? For me, my difficulty hit me instantly. Especially when my idea was so far away from my usual comfort zone. To pursue this I would need to learn a whole new skill set as a career leap from engineer to fashion designer! However, as daunting as that looked I genuinely believed in its future.

I’m going to condense our journey down into key points that really lead SIBUI to this point in time. It has been a long journey. Filled with ups, downs and roundabouts. 

In summary, the above pretty much covers how I built SIBUI. I enjoyed every step of the process and felt I've made something ready to rock. But then I met Chloë. The truth is, as driven and as committed to your vision as you are. Sometimes a second pair of eyes can give you a completely new angle on things. The trick is, taking it constructively. Chloë is my right hand girl, an absolute dream of a partner. She made SIBUI become a “we”. Giving our brand that all important woman’s touch. She made my very structured approach, a lot more natural and warming. Lifting my vision of minimalism from almost dull, to exciting. Credit goes to her for stitching all of the above together into a true brand.

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